Ostendo caters for simple to advanced levels of manufacturing.

Manufacturing SoftwareWe understand that manufacturing companies require software solutions of differing complexities.  There is always a fine line between delivery a manufacturing software solution that requires huge overheads to maintain vs a solution that will deliver the right level of functionality to cover meet your business requirements.

We have worked many manufacturing businesses that “make to stock” standard products and “make to order” custom manufactured items.  Ostendo’s functionality covers both of these scenarios offering flexible bill of material, routing, scheduling and resource/inventory control.  Ostendo manufacturing software delivers rich functionality to manufacturing businesses of all sizes.

Ostendo software addresses a range of common challenges that manufacturers face.

Business ChallengeOstendo SolutionBenefits
Bill of Materials in Spreadsheets or word documents
  • Bill of material recipes can be maintained in Ostendo

  • Bill of materials in Ostendo can be either a standard recipe or can e custom configured for more "one off" custom item

  • Recipes can include routing steps (tasks) including resources required

  • Bill of Material recipes can include labour, stock, sub-contractors, assets and more

  • Maintain bill of material versions
  • Get the recipes out of your head and into the system. This gives you greater control over the consistency of manufactured items

  • One version of the truth from a bill of material perspective

  • Simple to complex recipes can be maintained easily

Unsure of true manufacturing costs for an item?
  • Standard, average or actual costing can be utilised

  • Cost rollups allow you to sum up component costs to give you finished goods costs

  • Be on top of your costs to make sure you are manufacturing profitably

Difficult to forecast stock and resource requirements
  • Ostendo offers full MRP (materials resource planning) to establish raw material requirements to meet the demands of current and future requirements. Purchase Orders can automatically be generated.

  • Ostendo offers simple or advanced scheduling through graphical assignment boards

  • More complex scheduling can be managed with full constraint based scheduling that takes lead times into consideration including resource capacity and loadings

  • Know ahead of time what your material take-offs are

  • Plan your staff overtime better/li>
  • Forecast where bottle necks in manufacturing may be so you can plan out-sourcing

Want to capture data from the shop floor
  • Ostendo has a range of configurable mobile functions for checklists, photos, notes

  • Capture time on jobs direct from the shop floor

  • Scan stock on to manufacturing jobs
  • Get track of real time work in progress

  • Don't have to wait for manual timesheets to be entered or manual stock transfers to be done to get real time reporting

Let us help you improve your manufacturing process

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