Busines Central allows you ensure you deliver your promises to your customers.  Create Sales Orders and Invoices methodically and record your promised product, price, delivery dates and payment terms. 

From Sales Order to Dispatch, Busines Central provides a flexible platform to create the orders and expedite them efficiently.

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Sales Invoicing

The invoicing process has never been easier.  Generate, email and print customer invoices.  Sales Credit memos are also supoprted.

Sales Order Management

There are many processes that Business Central can facilitate through Sales Order process:

  • Sales Quotes
  • Blanket Sales Orders
  • Partial Shipments
  • Ship & Invoice separately
  • Prepayment invoices


Sales Discounting & Sales Line Pricing

Business Central allows you to have flexible discount structures that can be defined by the customer, customer group.  You can also have special conditions associated with these discounts such as units of measure, quantity breaks, currency, specified dates and more.  

You can also offer the customer the best price when an order meets the defined criteria.

A sales price worksheet makes maintaining these price levels easier.

Campaign Pricing

You can create special campaign pricing and discounts based on customers and contacts in specific campaign (market) segments.

Sales Invoice Discounts

Discounts are calculated automatically. Any number of discount terms can be defined:

  • Percentage
  • Service Charge
  • Minimum amount
  • and more
Local and foreign currency calculations are supported and the discounts are calculated at the line level and across the order as a whole.

Alternative Shipping Addresses

For customers that receive goods at multiple sites, you can have multiple ship-to addresses.


Sales Returns

Partial or full returns can be processed and you can also combine multiple return receipts on one credit memo.


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