We understand the importance of streamlining inventory management

Inventory warehouseWith a large percentage of our customer base in the warehouse distribution market space, we have developed a lot of specialised knowledge in this field.  From business with 100 inventory lines, to 1,000,000+ inventory items, Ostendo is a great solution.  Ostendo inventory software adresses the challenges your business may be facing with managing your inventory, purchasing and warehouse management.

The importance of optimising your inventory is paramount to enhancing your customer service.  Maintaining the right stock levels ensures accuracy and timeliness of delivery.  Accurate purchasing decisions also helps reducing the amount of cash-flow you have tied up in excess stock on your shelves.

We have prepared a table of some of the common challenges faced when managing your warehouse and inventory.  The table describes the features of Ostendo that address these issues.

Business ChallengeOstendo SolutionBenefits
Inaccurate Inventory

  • Transparency of stock across multiple locations
  • Inventory forecasting based on:
    • stock demand
    • sales history
    • seasonal factors
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Multiple bin locations
  • Full stock traceability:
    • Serial Number tracking
    • Lot Number tracking
    • Batch Tracking
    • Expiry dates
    • Revision Numbers

  • Maintain stock proper stock levels and visibility. This ensures you have the right stock levels to deliver accurately and on time.

  • Stop the build up of obsolete stock

  • Keep the cashflow in the right place....your pocket.

  • Accurate inventory data to improve the picking and despatch process

  • Up to the minute knowledge of stock on hand at each location.

Poor purchasing practises and processes
  • Inventory forecasting based on:
    • stock demand
    • sales history
    • seasonal factors
  • Maintain stock proper stock levels at the right time

  • Stop the build up of obsolete stock

  • Keep the cashflow away from inaccurate purchases
Managing complex pricing for different customers and products
  • Pricing levels

  • Quantity break discounts

  • Audit trail of price changes by user
  • Have a better understanding of your profitable customer and how to price your products.

  • Maintain price integrity as your costs fluctuate

Accurate Order Taking

  • Multiple methods to create order lines:

    • drag & drop
    • pre-defined lists
    • historical sales and more
  • Lines on quotes can include different line types:

    • Inventory
    • kitsets
    • supplier catalogues

  • Faster data entry and reduction of errors through mis-keying

Optimizing picking of products
  • Barcode scanning

  • Warehouse optmization through proper stock location management

  • Ability to offer alternate products

  • Visibility of superceeded products

  • Improvement of speed from order receipt to despatch.

  • Improved customer service and confidence
Difficulty keeping track of customer pricing

  • Ostendo has the ability to maintain complex pricing structures.

  • Many pricing options exist such as:

    • unlimited price levels
    • discounts and special pricing on customers, products and many other variations
    • discounts with expiry dates for special promo's

  • Accurate customer pricing and invoicing.
Would like to be come a paperless warehouse/distribution business

  • Ostendo has a large range of wireless/paperless mobile functions

  • Mobile functions include:

    • Sales quoting & order capturing
    • Quick invoice creation
    • Dispatch and receipting of goods
    • Stocktakes

    • Full range of customer data capturing options for people out in the field - mobile sales etc.

  • Improve speed and accuracy of information flow and processing from quote all the way through to delivery and invoicing

Let us help you improve your inventory & warehouse processes

If you are an inventory based business and want to streamline your inventory and warehouse processes then please have a conversation with us. With our experience across a range of industries, we have definitely helped  other customers in similar situations.

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