Business Central can support your sales and marketing efforts with the relationship management functions.

These features give you accurate data to enable you to make good business decisions about where to focus your sales and marketing attentions.

You can manage your interactions and ensure they are done efficiently and on time.

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Contact Management

Maintain contact information for all business relationships, and identify the individual people involved in each relationship. Entering duplicate contact information will trigger an alert.

Prospects and customers can be caterorised and profiled.  This allows you to target specific contacts for campaigns.

Campaign Management

Campaigns can be organized for segments of contacts that you define based on reusable criteria, such as sales, contact profiles, and interactions, and existing segments can be reused.

Interaction and Document Management

Keep a record of your communications with your contacts, such as phone calls, meetings, and letters, as well as attaching documents, such as Word or Excel files.

These interactions can be logged against your contacts and other transactions such as  sales orders and quotes.

Logging Emails using Exchange Server

Keep a record of all email messages sent from Business Central and Microsoft Outlook®.

Logging of emails can be automated or manually done. 

Microsoft Exchange Server can be used to managed emails.

Opportunity Management

Manage your sales pipeline with Sales Opportunities in Business Central.  Define the different stages of the sales process and manage them through the sales process from prospect to close.                                                        


Integrate to Microsoft Dynamics Sales

You can turn on integration between Business Central and Sales to streamline your quote to cash process.  The transparency of information across both systems helps with faster access to information and better decision-making.


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