Ostendo covers simple and complex Job Costing

Manufacturing SystemPBT has extensive experience working with Ostendo in companies requiring project and job costing functionality.  We understand the importance of keeping track of the job from quoting/estimating all the way through to completion.  Having accurate costing information at your fingertips is important for all job-costing businesses.  This enables you to truly understand the profitability of your jobs across all stages of the project.  Ostendo job-costing software provides functionality to suit all industries.

Ostendo can deal with simple “do and charge”style jobs.  Further to this, Ostendo job-costing software caters for advanced jobs that may include staged invoicing or progress claims and retention’s.

We know the challenges associated with recording and capturing real time job-costing data.  Ostendo job-costing software is a great solution to help you improve the management of these processes.  We have addressed these issues in the table below and how Ostendo deals with them.

Business ChallengeOstendo SolutionBenefits
Ability to create Job Quotes from directly in the system
  • Quotes created in Ostendo become the baseline estimate. These estimates can be broken down into labour, resources, overheads, materials

  • More accurate quotes/estimates because pricing comes directly from inventory/customer pricing. Markups/discounts can be applied against a job, job types, customer types etc.

  • Customisable quote outputs

  • Can manage quotes won/lost

  • Maintain multiple quote versions
  • These quotes become the baseline estimates to measure estimates vs actuals.

  • Price integrity when creating quotes

  • Understand success ratio's - jobs won vs jobs lost and why?

Want to have the costs allocated to the job, straight from the source transaction e.g. purchasing
  • Immediate allocation of costs to jobs when they occur

  • Ability to allocated purchases directly to the job

  • Stock transfers to jobs

  • Real time timesheets to jobs

  • Real time equipment hours to jobs

  • Capture of sub-contractor costs to jobs
  • Real time view of where a job or project is at

  • Increased profitability due to the reduction of cost blow-outs

  • Better visibility of costs as they happen means you have the ability to develop strategies to affect the outcome of the job if there are issues

Having difficulty managing time to jobs. There is often a lag in getting time on the job cards.
  • Ability to enter timesheets to allocate labour to jobs.

  • Timesheets can be entered from any mobile device
  • Dont have to wait for timesheets to be manually entered creating a delay in the cost capture

  • More accurate timesheet entries as jobs can be selected with the right labour codes allocated

  • Avoid labour over-runs by real time comparison to estimate

Find it difficult to manage retention and when the claims are due
  • Set up retentions and dates a the start of the project

  • Retentions are automatically calculated and reflected in the invoicing

  • Notification when the retention claim is due
  • Retentions are claimed/invoiced on time

  • Reporting reflects all retained amounts

Maintaining accurate work in progress figures
  • Ostendo calculates your WIP and posts to your accounting package
  • Analysis of your WIP at the end of month helps you to make sure you have not missed invoicing anything for jobs
Managing different invoicing requirements for different types of jobs.
  • Ostendo has flexible invoicing control

  • Invoice from actual costs

  • Invoice from a schedule

  • Contract/Fixed price invoicing
  • Better accuracy of invoicing

  • Improved speed to invoicing

No clarity of costs and resource usage
  • Ostendo has a range of Job reports and queries to analyse your cost variances

  • Ostendo has third party dashboard reporting tools that pull data to give a complete picture of where the job is at any time

  • See cost variance through a range of reports

  • From the job card, Ostendo allows you to see comparisons of actual vs budgets giving you real-time data
  • Make good operational decisions about resourcing and costs allocation

  • See cost variances as they come up, rather than after the fact
No clarity of resource management. What jobs are on when, who is scheduled to do them? Where are we under/over scheduled?
  • Ostendo has job schedules that allow you to schedule labour and resources to jobs

  • Visual schedulers give you a graphical view of jobs
  • Sight potential resourcing issues before they arise

  • Graphical schedulers make job scheduling much easier
Want Job mobility solution
  • Ostendo has a mobility solution called Freeway, it has the capacity to do the following functions:

    • Issuing of stock to jobs

    • Timesheet entry

    • Creating of jobs/quotes

    • Ability to scan items onto a job (barcode scanning)

  • Allow technicians on the road to have access to job information and also transact

  • With scanning, it helps reduce errors related to typing data onto the job



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