Thanks to our many clients that have provided Ostendo Case Studies and Ostendo Testimonials for our services.

Inventory Stacker Integration to Ostendo Software

After working within IT industry’s for over 10 years I cannot fault PBT’s outstanding project and operational performance time and time again with Ostendo. Our branches have recently installed manufacturing stackers and with the help of PBT we had our project completed on time with successful rollout of the Ostendo API syncing our systems to go live.

PBT were given our scope to install stacker machines that will hold up to 6000 inventory line items which the information is hosted in Ostendo.  Given the complexity of our install due to volume of products, their movements, specific process and procedures as well as aligning the suppliers tech support there were an array of issues from low to critical impact.  Time and again they exceed their service level agreements to provide solutions, testing and implementation.  Within no time we are now in BAU phase and each incident or request tickets are handled in the exact same time frames.  Thank you PBT for your fantastic service and we are a company that is confident that with our 30% growth each year that we a service provider that will support us for any future growth. – Jen Crook, Taipan

Ostendo Process Improvement & Implementation

The PBT team have been instrumental in making our Ostendo system not only fully functional, but a system that is utilized by our Production and Sales Engineering staff alike and has significantly streamlining our everyday work practices. The customization required for our business was made with overwhelming support, communication and assistance from the PBT team. Any issues that have arisen in the 5 years we have been dealing with PBT have been addressed promptly and followed through until the problem has been rectified. They are more than happy to work on any challenge for our business and I feel satisfied that the efficiencies we have received far out way the financial investment. I cannot recommend PBT highly enough.- Barrie King, Transtech Electronic Controls

Fantastic Ostendo Implementation & Support

When we went to market to find an ERP solution, it wasn’t as much about the software as it was about the implementation and support. What really impressed us was the hands on approach by PBT in analysing our current systems and practises and implementing new and improved best practice and work flow. We had many challenges to solve and the PBT team was always there to help and find a better way. Chris Ecseri – Tecsec Security Solutions



Great support and knowledge to customize Ostendo

“We have used PBT as a support partner for Ostendo for the past six years, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Debbie, Janne, and Suzette are unbeatable with their knowlege, I don’t think there has been a time when they couldn’t do what we wanted with the customization and new setups we often require. Response time is to support request is very rapid in most cases. If every support partner we had was as good as this life would be a breeze!”. – Alistair Richardson, General Manager

PBT was with us every step of the way

Valve and Fitting Australia have been using Ostendo since 2012.  The staff at Progressive were amazing at preparing us for the transition but also with the migration from our current program.  They were with us every step of the way and no task or explanation was too difficult.  Knowing our company, Progressive staff have kept us posted on new Ostendo features that would benefit our business.  Our staff appreciate that Ostendo has been customised to work with our business. Progressive have and an excellent support team and respond promptly.   Nicola Prime, Office Manager

Great Customer Service

We just want to get straight to the point. We employed PBT to upgrade our accounting system to accommodate the commercial side of the business. PBT introduced Ostendo for us. To be honest with PBT, its brilliant program. The software is designed to integrate with MYOB and it saves us many hours doing commercial invoices compared with MYOB. What we really appreciated here is the post-sales service. PBT are always around and helpful. In today’s world, customer service is the key point to win the war from intense competition. If you want an IT solution to pump up your sales or save labor costs, PBT would be your first choice.  Not only because they have extensive IT background but also their customer service. – Ocean Zhu CPA, Daily Living Products