Busines Central allows you to define requisition and purchasing workflows.  You can create approval limits and workflow to ensure purchase values fall within your teams approval delegations.

You can also automate the process even further bhy using the OCR service to convert pdf invoices to purchase invoices in Business Central.

Purchase orders can be both service and inventory items.


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Purchase Invoicing

Generate, email and print supplier invoices.  Purchase Credit memos are also supported.

Purchase Order Management

There are many processes that Business Central can facilitate through the Purchasing process:

  • Purchase Quotes
  • Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Partial Receipts & Invoicing
  • Prepayment invoices

Purchase Order Returns

If you receive damaged or incorrect goods Business Central allows you to create a Purchase Return. Partial returns and shipments can be managed with one Credit Memo.  The credit can then be applied and linked to a Purchase Order return with a Purchase Order for replacement items.

Alternative Order Addresses

For suppliers that receive goods from multiple sites, you can have multiple addresses.  You select the appropriate location when creating a Purchase Order or Invoice.


Campaign Pricing

You can create special campaign pricing and discounts based on customers and contacts in specific campaign (market) segments.

Purchase Invoice Discounts

Discounts are calculated automatically. Any number of discount terms from vendors can be calculated.

Local and foreign currency calculations are supported and the discounts are calculated at the line level and across the order as a whole.

Purchase Line Discounts

Business Central allows you to record and managed agreed pricing with vendors based on a range of criteria such as:

  • Minimum Quantity
  • Unit of Measure
  • A variant of the item
  • Date Range

When the order details reach the defined conditions, the best price is calculated based on the highest discount.

Multiple Vendors

Business Central allows you to manage to purchase the same item from different vendors.  You can define lead times, different pricing agreements and pricing with each vendor.

Vendor Catalogue Items

You can create supplier catalogues in Business Central.  These items are entered as non-stock items from which you can order on a one-off basis.  This keeps your inventory list neat and clean and not cluttered by too many items.

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