Ostendo Upgrade – 238 Whats New!

Ostendo Upgrade 238 is now available. It’s a major upgrade with full of features for both Ostendo Freeway and Ostendo.

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Here is a few of the new features in Ostendo & Ostendo Freeway 238:


Multiple functionality changes have been made to Freeway between V233 and V238. A full list of the changes is available in this document:


Emailing On Behalf

A New Rule has been added “Email Reports on behalf of user email address

This controls batch invoicing and statement “From” email Address to be used for the outgoing email. When ticked, this setting instructs Ostendo to use the email address setup for that Ostendo user’s security options.  This setting is useful when multiple Ostendo databases are in operation so that batch generated emails are sent from the appropriate email address.  This setting does not control single generated report emails eg: Quotes / Invoices etc…

No Cost Non-Charge Cost Centre

A new rule ‘No Cost Non-Charge Cost Centre’ has been added to allow the recording of time only type labour tracking. There will not be any financial transactions generated for any postings to this cost centre. This is used mainly for “Internal” time recording which have no financial impact. You may need to add a new Cost Centre to your existing list of Cost Centres to allow for this if you use this.

Purchase Allocation Summary

We have added a display-only Allocation Summary field to the Purchase Lines grid. This provides a quick view of the specific allocation (order, inventory etc…) without having to drill down on the allocation tab for each line.  Note: We have also added a new field in the Allocation tab to display either the Task or Step name, where the line is linked to a Job or Assembly.

Supplier Contracts

We now have the ability to setup Supplier Purchasing Contracts in Ostendo allowing for special pricing for specific items / descriptors based on either an open or fixed period of time. A purchase order line can be linked to a specific contract for that Supplier / Code combination.

Sales Invoice number as Order number

A new rule “Use Order as Invoice No for Delivery Invoice” has been added to allow the invoice number to be recorded as the Sales Order number with a suffix of -NN. The -NN represents a sequential number to allow for multiple invoices from the same Sales Order. Note: that you can either tick this box or the “Use Delivery No as Invoice for Delivery Invoice” rule, not both.

Stock Reservations

The concept of this is to reserve stock in a specific location for a specific Order (Job / Sales / Assembly). The reason a site may wish to adopt this is so they can exclusively reserve stock for specific orders without issuing stock to WIP or Sales Picked.

Eg: A job may take 6 months to complete, however there is purchased “Source on Demand” stock for this job that needs to be ordered and receipted, however we do not wish to receipt this to the job when the stock is received. Instead we want to receive it into Inventory but reserve it exclusively for this job (so it is not issued to any other job) in advance of it being issued to WIP.

Re-Opening Call Tickets

A previously closed Call Ticket can now be re-opened by Clearing the “Close Call Date” from within the ticket.

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If you are keen to upgrade, then please complete the Online Upgrade form.