Service Management Software to manage your service division

Ostendo service management software provides a full end to end service solution.  From taking the first call in the office, all the way through to the field technician, Ostendo’s functionality can automate this process.

Service Technician

Ostendo is great for managing the servicing of both customer and company assets.  The functionality is suitable for both a workshop environment and out in the field.

Ostendo will help you deliver a reliable, prompt service experience to your customer every time.  Get rid of the manual paperwork and automate the process of receiving and dispatching service jobs.

Business ChallengeOstendo SolutionBenefits
Difficult to maintain register of all customer assets
  • Ostendo allows you to maintain internal (company) or external (customer) assets

  • Keep detailed information about each asset:
    • serial numbers
    • manufacturer details
    • service plans and schedules
    • documentation/images
    • asset location tracking
    • service zones
    • warranties
    • and more.....
  • Easily keep track of all the details of your serviceable assets

Hard to keep track of periodical maintenance schedules
  • Periodical or preventative maintenance schedules can be done by a defined service schedule, on a recurring basis (e.g. first of every month), or predictive (where it is based on a reading)

  • Ostendo notifies the user when items require servicing based on these schedules
  • You can plan forward on upcoming services and planning

Mobile staff have manual Job Sheets
  • Ostendo Freeway has mobile functionality:
    • Sending Jobs to field staff
    • Issuing stock/inventory to jobs
    • Sending Jobs to field staff
    • Entering timesheets against jobs
    • Live enquiries on history of the asset

    • Adding images to jobs
    • And much more......
  • Live information sharing to and from the job site

  • Improves speed to invoice

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